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Sillunu Oru Kadhal Movie With Englis alartri




It was shot primarily in Puerto Rico. Plot A young Tamil Brahmin living in Chennai named Prem (Suriya) falls in love with a Muslim girl, Manju (Saranya Ponvannan). While being the son of an orthodox Tamil Brahmin, Prem wears his Tamil Brahmin identity quite openly. In order to meet Manju, he disguises himself as a Muslim. Meanwhile, Prem's father, a heart patient, marries his third wife, a Christian woman. In the meantime, his stepmother and her lover Ravi (Raghuvaran), a notorious gangster, try to get rid of his real father by inducing him to commit suicide. While they are carrying out this plan, Prem's father is badly injured and about to die. Prem secretly saves his father and reveals the truth to him. Ravi, after realizing that Prem is no longer a harmless Tamil Brahmin, tries to kill him. However, Manju's father, a policeman, arrives at the scene just in time and kills Ravi. In the meantime, Manju falls in love with Prem. Prem's father dies of his injuries, leaving Prem's stepmother with no choice but to marry him. Prem and Manju get married. Ravi's brother and his gang retaliate by abducting Manju. However, they are chased away by the Police. While they are being chased, Manju manages to call Prem, who comes to save her. They are both arrested by the Police. Prem is accused of killing Ravi and Manju is falsely arrested for providing support to Prem. Prem, Manju, Ravi's brother and a few other boys are put on trial and sent to jail. Prem is later released from prison. In the meantime, Prem and Manju are married, they have a son and are happily living a prosperous life. Ravi continues to threaten Prem and all of his family. Ravi's gang then abducts Prem's son and make Prem to leave the house. Prem manages to find a house for his family and a job to support them. Manju manages to call Prem from a police station and get Prem's son back home. Prem's wife and stepmother then leave their house, Manju leaves her job and after reaching their house, they are informed that Ravi's gang has kidnapped Manju and Prem's son. Ravi's brother tries to kill Prem but is shot by Prem's father. Prem is then accused of murdering R




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Sillunu Oru Kadhal Movie With Englis alartri

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